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My mission with this book, A Girl With A Cape™, is to not only send a good message to anyone who reads it, but to start a Movement, to Rock the CAPE

Creating Action with Positive Encouragement to help Create A Positive Environment

What  is Rock the CAPE?

When we teach people to use kindness when they speak, and when we encourage kids by focusing on the positive things they do and say, we raise a generation of confident kids that feel good about themselves, and kids then learn to treat people the exact same way.  When this happens, it helps eliminate bullies.  Essentially, with encouragement, we are creating action in people to create a positive environment.

How can you take part in this Movement?


When someone Rocks the Cape, that means they are taking responsibility and Creating A Positive Environment around them. They are "getting their KINDNESS on" and leaving a trail of good deeds; they are helping others; they are being respectful; they are showing kindness and compassion. Here are some ideas to get you started:

•hold the door
•look people in the eye and say good morning
•look people in the eye and greet them anytime of day, and hey add a smile•it instantly improves your face value
•invite someone to sit with you at lunch
•invite someone to play with you at recess
•give up your seat for someone
•help someone who might be struggling in a subject that you are good at
•stand up for what's right and true
•commit to positive talk no negative, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all
•use your manners
•surprise your custodians by cleaning up the room and leaving a thankful message on the board for him/her
•organize a drive to support a local charity
•give others the benefit of the doubt
•make a thankful/appreciation list
•send a thank you note
•clean up after yourself (when possible leave a place nicer than when you found it)
•push in your chair
•be respectful
•treat others the way you want to be treated
•recognize others for their good deeds
•compliment others
•did we mention SMILE
•high five someone for a job well done
•be an encourager
•be a friend who listens
•return items to where they belong (i.e. shopping cart)
•pick up trash
•cut someone's grass
•let someone go before you in line
•make someone laugh
•ask before you borrow
•share your good deeds for others to get kind•spired
•use a reusable water bottle
•start a kindness journal
•leave a post it note with a kind word in random places
•bring flowers to someone
•color a picture for someone
•praise your teacher
•include others
•read to a younger student
•make kindness bookmarks and leave them in the library
•write a poem for someone special
•volunteer your time
•help set up or take down teacher classroom
•help set up or take down bulletin board
•ask if you can help
•did we mention SMILE•smile at ten strangers
•laugh often
•be an encourager
•thank your parents
•help your teacher by working harder in school

Other Ideas

  • Teach kids that they are leaders and mentors.  That will have a tremendous impact on their future. Have them take the Rock the CAPE pledge, stating that they will do things to create a positive environment, including daily acts of kindness, setting an example for those around them, both younger and older.
  • Print up a stack of Kindness Cards to leave a trail of kindnesses everywhere you go; Print up our CAPE Cards and send to someone who needs one. The more people we have doing small individual acts of kindness and encouragement, the more those things add up and start to “snowball.”  It’s a simple idea that we all need to spread.

  • Invite Amy out to speak with your group and Rock the CAPE at an event soon.

“How do we change the world? One act of random kindness at a time.”