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Teaching children that they have the power to make a difference in the world just by being kind to others is truly a  wonderful message to spread.  This year we have seen a decline in referrals in the month of May.   I feel that Mrs. Logan’s message is one reason for this decline. 
Sarah E., Elementary Principal


The girls were magnetized by both Amy and her story. When Amy finished reading the story, one of our girls actually said, "I think, I'm going to cry."
Kim C. & Mandy M., Daisy Troop Leaders


LOVE LOVE LOVE this story & message! I'm so impressed and cannot wait to share with my classes in the future!!
Danielle S.


Thank you Amy for this wonderful book. I shared it with my kindergartners on K day for kindness; ABC countdown to summer. They loved as did I. You are very inspiring.
Lisa C.


AMAZING book! Every teacher and parent needs a copy (and a superhero cape to match)!
Jennifer W.


I read your book again to my 2nd graders and started talking about random acts of kindness for our May month of this. They love the book!
Michelle M.


Amy- You were fabulous!! The students at Colene Hoose loved your book! Thank you so much!!!
Amy Y.


I am loving the book, as is my 3 year old! We read it every night and she MUST have the cape on when reading!!! It’s pretty precious.
Erin W., 3rd Grade Teacher


The perfect choice to support one of life’s greatest lessons.
Michelle R., Independence School


It was a pleasure having you.  The entire experience was wonderful and the assembly for the students was memorable.  The book is inspiring and I have enjoyed reading it to my own children.
Karrah J., Towanda Elementary School


Amy reading to a class