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This project is actually a free journal that you will be creating, guided by Amy Logan, Author of the book series, A Girl With A Cape.

2018 is the year we start becoming intentional with our kindnesses - to others - but perhaps more importantly, to ourselves, because truthfully, when we start recognizing how amazing we are, we can easily recognize it in others.

Every Sunday night, join us at 7pm (cst) here: Facebook.com/AGirlWithACape for a live reading and a weekly inspiration for the week's journal entry.
Here's What You Need:
 A 3-Ring Binder OR a Notebook
Download cover for binder
 A Hole Puncher (if using a 3-ring binder)
 Pens or Pencils
 Bunch of Wide Rubber Bands
This is a great project to do by yourself, as a family, or even as a class. We want you to see the amazing value that you are adding on a daily basis so that come December 31, 2018, you can look back at how amazing your year was. The truth is that when you start focusing on the positive, your life magically changes, your heart becomes more full, and you affect more people than you realize, and THAT creates a ripple effect.
So...Share this. Join us.
And let's make 2018 the year we all ROCK THE C.A.P.E. and
help Create A Positive Environment for everyone!
Are you ready?

IKP Cover

IKP Journal Beginning

Week 1
The power of kindness

Week 2
I can

Week 3
Helping Hand