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Book 1
A Girl With A Cape
"The True Story Of The Superhero In All Of Us"

This is the story of the power of our everyday kindnesses.

The book introduces a little girl who wears a leopard-print scarf (comes with the book) as a superhero cape in hopes to do something big to make the world a better place. What she doesn't realize is that she's already doing just that.

Every day, she is polite and kind. Her actions cause others to act the same way; to pay it forward creating a ripple-effect of kindness.

However, by the end of the week, she feels defeated. She thinks her scarf doesn't work and she's too small to make a difference.

Mom steps in and tells her she is the "biggest difference-maker of all" and asks her, "So now that you know that your powers are true…tell me sweet darling, what next will you do?"

* Book comes with a leopard print scarf *
Book 2
A Girl With A Cape
"And Her Jar Of Pennies"

This is the story about the power of using what you have to give back.

Now that A Girl With A Cape knows that her super power is kindness, she uses that power to spread kindness throughout her community.

She has a jar of pennies (small bag of lucky pennies come with the book) that she decides she wants to sprinkle all over town so that others "find a penny, pick it up and all day long they'll have good luck."

* Book comes with a bag of lucky pennies *
Book 3
A Girl With A Pink Cape

This is the story about the spending quality time with people and compassion.

A Girl With A Cape wants to go out and play with her friends. However, "mom just received a call from her friend who's a nurse; the neighbor who's sick had just gotten worse."

Prompted by mom, A Girl With A Cape decides to make a treat for the neighbor and ends up spending the entire afternoon with her playing games and just enjoying themselves.

It's a sweet story about how precious time is and a reminder to: "Always remember and never forget that what we do matters, no time for regret.

Our time here is short, and we grow up so fast… It's when we spread kindness, our legacy lasts"

*This book is a tribute to the author's sister who passed away in 2014 because of breast cancer.

A portion of the profits from each of this book sold goes to several local non-profit organizations who give back to people in our own communities.

* Book comes with a pink leopard print scarf *
Book 4
A Boy With A Cape

This is a story of how the little things add up to be the big things even when we don't realize it; of how our words are so powerful when we speak them to others that what we say and how we say it can really become our superhero cape. It's our way to build each other up.

It's the story of how this little boy's mom makes him aware of all the good that he does and praises him for it; that children learn from how we as adults respond to things, take notice, and treat people.