A Girl With A Cape - By Amy Logan - A Book About Kindness Be A Super School
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Empowering Girls to Be Super - April 2014

SUGAR GROVE – Pink balloons outside the Sugar Grove Community Center on Sunday marked the location of the Empowering Girls to Be Super event, but the color for the day was really leopard.

Leopard-print scarves draped from girls' necks – and, when worn as a cape, their shoulders – throughout the two-hour, read more

Lockport Author Finds Success With
First Children's Book - March 2014
Cooper Brown (left) talks to author Amy Logan at Bobbie Noonan Child Care in Lockport
Thursday, March 6.

The title on Lockport native Amy Logan’s business card reads “Author & Difference Maker.” 

That’s what she hopes to achieve with... Read More

SO COOL! Jarrett Payton came to see my assembly today at MHR, just to observe. Even though it was planned, the kids had NO IDEA he was coming. Jarrett saw a kid in the audience with a Bears #34 jersey on. Turns out, this boy just did a whole project on Walter Payton for school. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when he went home!

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Amy holds a B.A. in Speech Pathology and a M.A. in Teaching.  She is a contributing author to Oaklees Family Guide, and a mentor and coach for women in the Direct Sales Industry. Amy resides in Joliet, IL with her husband and two kids.She currently is visiting schools near you.

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The world needs you.  True story.

This book is more than just a children's book.

It's a book that validates and empowers all those who read it. It's a book that teaches the power of our everyday kindnesses. It's a book that everyone needs. Did you ever feel that you just didn't matter; that no matter how hard you searched for ways, you felt you were not and could not make a difference? I think that thought goes through so many minds these days, and I am here to tell you:

Stop searching. Start doing. Do something kind for someone each day. Leave a trail of kindnesses everywhere you go. Use your words to lift people up...and teach your kids, the world's kids, to do the same. This world won't change without you. You are a superhero, whether you believe it or not. YOU are someone's environment (thanks, Eileen). And YOU are necessary to make the world better. Join our C.A.P.E. Campaign starting with this book. Spread its message and help Create A Positive Environment by Creating Action with Positive Encouragement; by doing. Put your cape on every day and know that your mission is to do good in this world. The world is counting on you. So am I.